Investitionen für den globalen Klimaschutz

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Application example

CERINA Plan for a state and the effect of the investment model

Initial situation

Example state: Status quo - annual CO2 emissions in the amount of 100 million tonnes of CO2
CERINA Plan: 100 million tonnes of CO2 x EUR 16 per tonne = EUR 1.6 billion Target investments in renewable energy as a contribution to global climate protection

What is the political effect of the CERINA Plan?

Basically, the example state now has the choice to either reduce CO2 in various ways or invest in renewable energy. What follows are two examples of possible scenarios or courses of action for governments, selected from a wide range of possible options:

Option 1: In the example state, EUR 1.6 billion is invested in renewable energy in accordance with the CERINA Plan. As a result, the CO2 emissions reduce proportionately to global CO2 emissions. There are no further CO2 reduction measures through other instruments.

Option 2: Energy saving measures are successfully taken in the example state and emissions trading is introduced. These measures lead to a hypothetical reduction of 20 million tonnes of CO2, down to a total of only 80 million tonnes of CO2 per year. As a result, the target investment as per the CERINA Plan reduces by EUR 340 million to 80 million x EUR 16 = EUR 1.26 billion (previously: EUR 1.6 billion, see Option 1).